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PDF icon Parent eSafety Agreement Policy

PDF icon ICT Acceptable Use Policy - KS1

PDF icon ICT Acceptable Use Policy - KS2

12 Rules for Responsible ICT Use

1. I will only use the school's computers for schoolwork and homework

2. I will only delete my own files

3. I will not look at other people's files without their permission

4. I will keep my login and password secret

5. I will not bring files into school without permission

6. I will ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet and will not visit Internet sites I know to be banned by the school

7. I will only e-mail people I know, or my teacher has approved

8. The messages I send, or information I upload, will always be polite and sensible

9. I will not open an attachment, or download a file, unless I have permission or I know and trust the person who has sent it

10. I will not give my home address, phone number, send a photograph or video, or give any other personal information that could be used to identify me, my family or my friends, unless my teacher has given permission

11. I will never arrange to meet someone I have only ever previously met on the Internet or by email or in a chat room, unless my parent, guardian or teacher has given me permission and I take a responsible adult with me

12. If I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive a message I do not like, I will not respond to it but I will tell a teacher / responsible adult 

Useful Links


ThinkUKnow is the education programme of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre aimed at young people, and encourages Internet. It is based around 3 key themes;

  • How to have fun
  • How to stay in control (or how to take control)
  • How to report a problem

The Education programme consists of a presentation, which is given to young people in school, youth groups and other youth environments, a website aimed directly at young people, which also contains information for teachers and parents, a number of hard hitting education films designed to make young people think about who they are talking to online and other resources including posters and a range of promotional material.

ThinkUKnow - Ages 5-7

ThinkUKnow - Ages 8-10

ThinkUKnow - Parents/Carers

CBBC Stay Safe

CBBC Stay Safe is the BBC website to help young people stay safe online. It includes many activies, games and videos from familiar CBBC characters.

CBBC Stay Safe

Google Family Safety Centre

Google has several tools available for safe searching and content restriction (YouTube).

Google Safety Tools

UK Safer Internet Centre

The UK Safer Internet Centre is a resource for parents and carers who wish to find out more about technologies and the internet. Also includes details of Safer Internet Day.

UK Safer Internet Centre


Run by ChildNet International, KidSMART provides entertaining and engaging resources for parents and educators. It also includes resources for children where they can learn about how to be safe online.


Early Surfers' Zone (3-7)

Resources for Parents

Safer Internet Day 2014

Run in partnership with inS@fe and the European Schoolnet, Safer Internet Day is to help promote the safe use of the internet and technology.

Safer Internet Day 2014



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