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Greenpower Racing Team

South Park Primary School Greenpower IET Formula Goblin Racing Team


We are starting a Formula Goblin Racing Team at South Park Primary School, and are looking for budding racing drivers and enthusiastic mechanics to create a team that will participate in Greenpower Racing events held in the south east of England.

The video will have given you some idea as to what to expect. The children have attended an assembly that introduced the idea and hopefully sparked lots of interest.


Participation in the racing team will only be open to our current Year 5 pupils. They will learn to build and maintain the car and take the project on when they move to Year 6. Thereafter, each new Year 6 class will build their own electric car and take part in the races.

Children apply to be members of a core team of 12 - drivers, pushers and track technical support. Team members will share all the jobs, so all would get to drive at the race meetings.

We are hoping to get an equal number of girls and boys in the team.



Team members will have to commit to attending ALL project meetings, car building and maintenance sessions. These will take place once a week after school.

The project will be led by Mr Sambrook.

Parents will also have to commit to making sure they can transport and accompany their children to ALL the planned Greenpower race meetings. South Park plan to attend three official races in the south east of England over the summer term 2019. These take place in Luton, Essex and Surrey, so a car and an early start will be necessary. 

There will be a small charge similar to that charged for after school clubs, to help cover costs such as overalls, spare parts, tools and protective eyewear needed for the project.


Children throughout the rest of the school will be involved in designing the car bodywork, promoting the team in the wider community, and observing the construction and testing of the vehicle at school.

Everyone at South Park is more than welcome to attend the official race meetings with their families to support the team. It will be a fabulous and exciting day out!



We hope the Greenpower electric car racing team will enthuse more of our pupils to engage with STEM areas of the curriculum, and provide a focus for the whole school to get behind and support.

The project will also be beneficial to developing our schools links to the wider community, through encouraging wider involvement with the project through fundraising, promotion and support activities.



Teachers across the school will introduce and teach concepts relevant to the project within the current curriculum:

Science - forces and motion

Engineering - learning about how electricity can power vehicles

Design Technology - creating the bodywork for the car

English Literacy - creating promotional materials

Team building and communication skills.



 The Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity which gets young people enthusiastic about science and engineering by challenging them to design, build and race an electric car.

They supply age appropriate Kit Cars, which can be built in school, and raced at motorsport venues at Greenpower organised events. The Greenpower challenge uses the excitement of motorsport to inspire young people to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).



Fill in this application form. If you are successful, the school will invite you and your parents/carers to a meeting where you can ask any questions and find out more of what to expect. Good luck!




The school and your teachers will choose the successful applicants for the racing team.

As there are very limited places, there will be many who will be disappointed.  Priority must be given to those who can make the commitment to attend all the project meetings after school, and can get themselves to the race meetings. 

This project is being funded by sponsorship and fundraising activities. There is simply no budget for helping with transport costs.

Unsuccessful applicants will be put on a waiting list should anyone drop out of the team.



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