GSO Test

Diary Dates @ SPPS - Nov-Dec

17th November

Children In Need

20th November

Road Safety Talk - Police

20th – 24th November

Road Safety Week

21st November

Uniform Sale – 3.15 – 3.45 KS2 Hall

24th November

Year 5 British Museum

24th November

Non-Uniform Day – Bright Spotty clothes – Whole School

27th November

Years 1-6 - Cinderella

28th November

Elmer and Kipper Class – Local Walk

29th November

Gruffalo Class – Local Walk

29th November

EYFS Elf Performance

4th December

Lion Class Christmas Show

4th December 

Emerald Class Christmas Nativity – 2pm

5th December

Leopard Class Christmas Show

5th December

Sapphire Class Christmas Nativity – 2pm

6th December

Tiger Class Christmas Show

6th December

Ruby Class Christmas Nativity – 2pm

6th December

Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop

7th December

Christmas Jumper Day – Whole School

7th December

Christmas Lunch – Whole School

7th December

Carol Service Rehearsal – 9.30-11.45

7th December

Reindeer Rave

8th December

Carol Service at All Saints Church 10am

8th December

Elmer Class – Christmas Nativity – 2pm

11th December

Gruffalo Class Christmas Nativity – 2pm

12th December

Kipper Class Christmas Nativity – 2pm

13th December

Nursery Christmas show

14th December

Christmas Fair

15th December

Christmas Parties

20th December

Last Day of Term